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Hannay Reels Responds to Fiber Optic Needs

Hannay Reels announces new Broadcast Fiber Optic Series Reels. Designed specifically for the unique needs of Broadcast SMPTE, TAC and opticalCON cable. These metal reels are lightweight and stand up to everyday wear and tear better than plastic reels.

Hannay Reels Offers Stackable Frames

Maximize limited space with a stackable frame.

Ideal for:   

  •  Utility trailers
  •  Pickup truck beds

New Low-Profile Rescue Cord Reels (ELFCR Series)

Hannay Reels announces two new models to the ELFCR1600 family of Rescue Reels. These models offer the lowest height profile available to fit smaller compartments.

Features include:

Space-saving Twin Dual Hydraulic Rescue Reel (TEF Series)

The Hannay TEF2500 Series reel is a pair of independently operated dual hydraulic rescue tool reels housed in a shared space-saving frame.

Two models are available, and either model takes up only slightly more room

New Spanish Literature Translated

Hannay Reels has added new Spanish translated literature to its website. If you visit the Literature Tab and hover over Español at the bottom, Spanish translated materials will pop out to the right. The Industrial Hose Catalog has been

New 'VAC' Series - Vacuum Reels

Hannay Reels has recently introduced two design styles for vacuum/suction applications.

The VAC-5000 and VAC-9000 series are both designed for longer lengths and large diameters of vacuum hose (2" thru 4"). DC electric motor rewind

Hannay Portable Cable Reels - New Design

A new frame style has been adopted for our family of cable and audio/video reels that have portable carry handles.

With the flexible modular design, the carry handle and the frame legs are easily replaced in the event of damage.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Transfer Reels

Hannay Reels has developed a family of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) hose reels to help meet strict emissions regulations for the transportation industry.

The DEF Series reels all feature heavy-duty spring-rewind construction and a

Weather-resistant Rewind Switches (up to 40 amps)

Hannay Reels is excited to introduce to our customers this month a new and affordable family of rewind switch assemblies, the SCBW-25 and the SCBW-40.

The SCBW-25 comes with a weather-resistant enclosure, a heavy-duty push-button

New Catalogs for 2014

We are pleased to announce that in the last few months and continuing through the end of this year, we are phasing in over a dozen all-new full color catalogs. The redesign features color photos for many of the reel series specification

A Choice in Rewind Motors

Relying on feedback from end users, starting in November we have changed our standard rewind motor to a 1/3 HP motor rated at 650 rpms (model AN-227) on the following reel models:

- E1500 (1/2" hose ID) reels
- E1800

New Look- 1000 Series Manual Rewind Reel

Our 1000 series compact manual rewind reel has been given a new look with the following improvements:

  • E-coated frame
  • Exterior

New Hose Reel Package Literature

For 2013, we have introduced an expanded Reel Packages quick code ordering guide and price list for dealer use-- available for download if you are logged into the dealer only section of this website.

So whether your application

180 Degree Swivel Mounting Bracket

Designed for easy mounting on a wall, post, or column, the new Hannay swivel mounting bracket for N-series spring retractable reels is now available as a kit (p/n 9908.9990).

This sturdy bracket will work with any N-series reel with either a 3 or 4 wide spool.

Hannay Display Stands.

If you are a Hannay dealer and are interested in having an eye-catching way to display up to 4 Hannay reels in your retail space, please use the Contact Us form on this website (or contact your regional manager) for further information.

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Aluminum Hand Truck Option Now Available

Hannay Reels is now offering an aluminum-construction version of our hand truck.

Almost any model reel ordered can now be specified with a hand truck option. We will provide the proper mounting feet and hardware for quick and easy installation.

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Compact Low Height Rescue Reels (ELF Series).

ELF Series

  • Available for all three rescue reel types: air, twin hydraulic, or cord
  • New gear motor rewind (12 or 24V available) for slow, powerful rewind in small footprint
  • 14.5 maximum height (20% lower

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Compact Narrow Depth Rescue Reels (ESF Series)

ESF Series

  • Available for all three rescue reel types: air, twin hydraulic, or cord
  • New gear motor rewind (12 or 24V available) for slow, powerful rewind in small footprint
  • 14 maximum depth (27% less than

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Crank Stow-Away Holder for Reels

Reels shipped with removable cranks can now optionally be equipped with vinyl-coated retaining clips, designed to stow auxiliary cranks conveniently on the side of the reel for easy access.

This option is available on most of our common fire, fuel, and industrial reels.

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AG Series Spring-Retractable Reels

The patented AG (Air Governor) family of reels is the ultimate solution for gaining control over the rewind speed of a spring-powered reel.

Because speed is regulated by linking the power spring to an air restrictor, the result

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Extra-Narrow Power Rescue Reel Introduced

Coming in at approximately half the width of our traditional power rescue reels, the EF2500 Series reel is designed for the tightest truck cabinet space restrictions.

Models that can hold 100 ft. of 5,000 psi twin rescue hose are

image atl text

Chain Tensioner Option Available on Petroleum Reels

An automatic chain tensioner option is now available on several petroleum reel models (specifically, the IV or inverted installation series of reels).

With this accessory, chain tension is maintained better over the life of the drive system of the reel.