When a specific handling challenge requires a completely different type of reel, Hannay offers custom design expertise and manufacturing flexibility that is unique in our industry. We build more custom reels than any other manufacturer and have many more years of experience in creating reels to meet the unique specifications of hundreds of customers in a variety of applications

We have custom designed reels:

  • To handle hose and cable in limited space and in special environments
  • To handle exotic fuels and dry chemicals
  • To operate automatically (self-powered reels)
  • With unique drive systems
  • To guarantee a perfect fit for your protection

Our custom reels can accommodate:

  • High-pressure hoses
  • Large diameter hoses
  • Float hoses
  • Boom hoses
  • Heavy-duty hoses and cables
  • Multi-hose and cable lines

We invite you to contact us about your reel questions. Please e-mail us at with your application needs.

Hannay Reel Custom